Angelika Schuster

Originally from Germany, I immigrated to New Zealand in 1989. Prior to moving to New Zealand I worked for a number of years in the medical field in Germany. I worked in the corporate world in the IT sector and gained valuable work place experience for the first 7 years after arriving in New Zealand.

I always had an interested in maintaining good health, physically and psychologically. I also felt a deep desire to support other people to have a easier and a more struggle free life.

This lead me to change my professional direction to become a counsellor in 1994 and subsequently a psychotherapist in 2003.

I bring to my clinic work

  • the experience and challenge of immigrating in New Zealand
  • an understanding  of workplace challenges and work place stress
  • an understanding of different culturs

Clinical Background

My clinical experiences over 20 years have been across a wide range of settings, such as the public mental health services, community-based agencies and working with refugees.

I provided ACC funded counselling for survivor of sexual abuse from 2000 until 2014 and have extensive experience in working with post-traumatic-stress-disorder symptoms and trauma recovery.


I hold a Diploma in Psychotherapy (Psychosynthesis, 2004) and a Diploma in Counselling (Psychosynthesis, 1998) which is a holistic approach to personal growth.

I have  trained and apply a wide range of therapeutic approaches, such as

  • mindfulness and body – feelings – mind awareness
  • skill and resource building
  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • process oriented psychology trauma model,
  • family constellation work by PhD Bert Hellinger
  • traditional psychotherapy
  • couples therapy by Havelle Hendrix, PhD.
  • emotional freedom therapy approach
I assist my clients to get a clear understanding about their issues and behaviour patterns that keep them imprisoned and powerless and provide strategies and techniques to change these outmoded patterns.


I bring warmth and care to my clinical work and hold strongly the belief that a person carries unexplored and dormant potential.



Clinic Room



Reg. Psychotherapist – Counsellor – Couples Counsellor –  North Shore  Auckland

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