Angelika Schuster

Clinical Background

My clinical experiences for about 20 years have been across a wide range of settings, such as the public mental health services, community-based agencies and working with refugees. I provided ACC funded counselling for survivor of sexual abuse from 2000 until 2014 and have extensive experience in working with post-traumatic-stress-disorder symptoms and trauma recovery.

I hold a Diploma in Psychotherapy (Psychosynthesis, 2004) and a Diploma in Counselling (Psychosynthesis, 1998). I have also trained in a wide range of approaches, e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), process oriented psychology, trauma model, family constellation work, traditional psychotherapy, mindfulness, trans-personal approach and couples therapy by Havelle Hendrix, PhD.

I assist my client to get a clear understanding about their issues and behaviour patterns that keep them imprisoned and powerless and provide strategies and techniques to change these outmoded patterns.

I bring an holistic and relational approach, warmth and care to my clinical work and hold strongly the belief that a person carries unexplored and dormant potential.



About Angelika

Originally from Germany, I immigrated to New Zealand in 1989. Prior to moving to New Zealand I worked for a number of years in the medical field in Germany and learned all about the function of the body and illnesses. I also worked in New Zealand hospitals for a short time.

In order to be able to immigrate to New Zealand, I trained  in the IT sector in Germany and subsequently worked in that field for a number of years when I first arrived here.

I always had an interested in maintaining good health and a sense of well being and learned and practiced Massage therapy, Reiki and other forms of energy ‘healing’ which I executed prior to taking on my professional journey as counsellor and pschyotherapist.

One of my passion is to travel. I have been to South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia and learned about history and the different culture, ancient cultures and different way of living.

Since the beginning of my adult life I had a great interest in the ‘spiritual’ aspect of life and living. And, over the years, I gained insights of Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Krishnamurti’s teachings and the Kabbalah -Tree of Life.


I, therefore, bring to my clinic work

  • the challenge of immigrating to New Zealand
  • an understanding and experience of workplace challenges, in particular for someone new to the country
  • an understanding of different cultures and different ways of living
  • knowledge and practice of different spiritual aspirations
  • an importance of a meaning to live beyond working and shopping

Clinic Room

Reg. Psychotherapist – Couples Counsellor – Life Coach   North Shore  Auckland

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