What is the benefit of Couples Counselling?

The benefit would be to assist you

to develop a way to either

  1. develop a conscious and relationship,
  2. apply a new and more respectful way of relating to each other
  3. or decide the separate and
  4. move through a respectful separation process.

To will learn to

  • communicate effectively, listen carefully and pay attention
  • develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner
  • resolve conflicts and long-standing difficulties more easily
  • negotiate differences more easily
  • understand the underlying relationship dynamic

As a result of this, you

  • develop respect, empathy and compassion for each other
  • feel more at ease and relaxed with each other (rather than walking on egg shells)
  • have an increased sense of safety
  • have an increased emotional and physical intimacy
  • feel a deeper connection
  • have more passion and fun
  • a more full-filling, harmonious and conscious relationship



I also facilitate the process of separation to allow a respectful process.

In my couples counselling sessions, I apply a number of methods and approaches and work with married couples, partners or same sex couples/partners.

I provide a safe and environment where difficult issues can be addressed.

Reg. Psychotherapist – Counsellor – Couples Counsellor – North Shore – Auckland

 Mobile 021 129 6372   Email: angelikaschuster@xtra.co.nz