In my couples (partner) counselling sessions, I apply a number of methods and approaches which include the Imago Relationship Therapy model developed by Harville Hendrix PhD.

One of the primary goals of this method is learn to listen to your partner carefully.

And can be helpful If you find yourself

  • arguing all the time and/or
  • perhaps no longer speak to each other or/and
  • using work or other activities as a way of avoiding coming home or spending time with your partner and/or
  • and thinking about separating

then you may consider the assistance of couple counselling to help your relationship to get ‘back on track’.


How can couples counselling help you?


You will learn how to

  • break old destructive ways of communicating
  • address frustrations in a respectful way
  • communicate more effectively
  • develop understanding of yourself and your partner
  • resolve conflicts and long-standing difficulties more easily
  • negotiate differences more easily

As a result of this, you

  • develop respect, empathy and compassion for each other
  • feel more at ease with each other (rather than walking on egg shells)
  • feel a deeper connection
  • have more passion and
  • a more full-filling and harmonious relationship


A relationship can become harmonious and fulfilling when there is a willingness to learn to understand each other.

I provide a safe environment where you can address issues that you perhaps have never spoken about or resolved satisfactory.

I work with married couples, partners or same sex couples/partners.


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