The Family Constellation Approach

The Family Constellation therapy is a systemic family therapy approach which was developed by Dr. Bert Hellinger over a period of 30 years and has been widely used in Germany and Europe. It is a phenomenological approach based on family therapy, psychotherapy, Gestalt and other modalities and can facilitate healing on a deep level.

It aims to resolve unconscious and trans-generational pattern of entanglements within the family and extended family system/Whanau by’ shedding a light onto them’ and bringing them into awareness.

Ancestral influences, e.g. disowned and unprocessed trauma resulting from difficult experience or events such as war or child death can have a challenging impact on the life of someone in the next generation. E.g. a child, out of love, may unconsciously take on the burden or suffering that belongs to his/her mother and may unknowingly continue to carry this burden throughout his/her adult life.

Setting up your own family in a ‘family constellation’ way can bring to light unconscious entanglements which can lead to healing on a deep level.


What issues can be addressed through the Family Constellation Approach?

The systemic family therapy approach can be effective in addressing the following issues:

  • relationship issues
  • issues with family members
  • trans-generational issues
  • co-dependency issues
  • working through the grief and loss of a ‘loved one’
  • issues relating to trauma and abuse
  • guilt and shame
  • work issues with colleagues

Setting up your family in the systemic family approach can bring new insights and understanding which holds the possibility of change.

You don’t need your family (member(s)) to take part in the session.







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