How can I assist you through my Counselling and Psychotherapy services?

I can assist you if you find yourself facing the following difficulties and challenges:

  • Suffering from anxiety & panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Anger issues; wanting to understand your anger and learn anger management skills
  • Relationship counselling,  marriage guidance
  • Self confidence and self-esteem issues,  self-empowerment
  • Grief and loss
  • Burnout, workplace related issues and stress
  • Dependency issues, e.g. food, mobile phones
  • Self-image issues
  • Communication difficulties and lacking effective communication skills
  • Issues with intimacy, emotional and/or sexual intimacy
  • Separation, marriage break up
  • Facing a crisis, uncertainties (see below) transition
  • Searching for a purpose and meaning in life
  • Family issues and trans-generational patterns
  • Understanding and coming to terms with major life changes
  • Suffering from loneliness and emptiness

Facing a crisis and/or uncertainties

The world is constantly changing. And so do we. However, change can be scary and challenging but also rewarding and liberating.

We often react to the need for change (external or internal) with anxiety, with ‘fight’, ‘flight’ or ‘freeze’ behavior, wanting to hold on to what we know, the secure and comfortable place.

We tend to avoid facing the ‘unknown’ and therefore remain in a ‘stuck’ place, dissatisfied with ourselves, our relationships and life.

We don’t take time to look ‘into’ ourselves and remain unaware of our core beliefs, how they serve or limit or how they perhaps prevent us to adjust to something that is necessary but perhaps less desirable; e.g. having less money or being alone.

In the counselling/psychotherapy sessions we will explore those core beliefs, social conditioning and inner conflicts to assist you to move out of a ‘stuck’ place.

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I provide

  • short-term goal-oriented and solution-based counselling
  • long-term, deep changing and trans-formative psychotherapy

and am registered with the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand (PBANZ) and adhere to their Code of Ethics.




Reg. Psychotherapist – Counsellor – Couples Counsellor –  North Shore – Auckland

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